First of all, to people still waiting on their ECCC Commissions, rest assured I’m still working through the stack! Of the 46 that I had on the burner after ECCC, I have 27 mailed, 4 sitting on my desk waiting in envelopes, and 4 more on the table lying in pencils. Your patience is rad and appreciated.
So, Geoff is off this week as he is facing down the righteous barrel of cramming for the GRE (good luck Geoff!!), leaving me to write up a few slices of what we have in store for the arc which will be starting up this Summer. He’ll be back with Episode 501 next Tuesday, but in the meantime, why not return to when we first met the League of Composers and one Mr. Modest Mussorgsky, back in episode 215!
Oh, Mussorgsky’s octaves – really this is just me getting back for those endless scales of octaves he makes you play in The Great Gates of Kiev. Because I’m mature like that.
– Count Dolby von Luckner