Oh, Shot To The Junk, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective…
And speaking of old friends, we are but two days away from EPISODE FIVE HUNDRED!! I’ve spoken with the higher-ups and they’ve given me leave to reveal that it will be an all-out, no holds barred, TRIPLE LENGTH episode, so if you were planning to spend touching moments with your loved ones this Thursday, better cancel, because you’re going to have WAY more important stuff to do as the throw-down between Frederick, Newton, Voltaire, and the Four Presidents comes to its conclusion!
In other news, I have always had one major issue with reading webcomics, namely that I would get to a point, make a firm resolution to remember where I was, and then, next time I thought to check in, the thought of navigating the archives to find my stopping-off point loomed so large that I would say, “Eh, I’ll go read me some more X-Club instead.” Well, NO MORE! At ECCC, one of the representatives from Comic Rocket came to our booth. It’s a great, and mystifyingly free, service whereby you can subscribe to your favorite webcomics, and it saves your place in each as you work through the archives, so, all on one page, you have a place to jump to right where you left off on everything you’re reading! No more bookmarks, no more unkept promises to one’s self – I’m very happy with it, and if you’re suffering from similar issues with your webcomic reading efficiency, it’s worth a look-see!
– Count Dolby von Luckner