Moose can be pretty scary. I remember this video that was aired on the local news about this guy that thought it would be a good idea to go pet this baby moose that standing on the sidewalk. His girlfriend was video taping the encounter which is how we all got to see the horror that unfolded. The mother moose ran out from the treeline, knocked the guy over, and then crushed his ribcage and skull. That man was killed by a moose.
It was kind of, but not exactly, like this.
However, in the great moose-human wars, I’m pretty sure the humans are winning by virtue of slamming into moose with their cars. The cars don’t look too pretty afterward (moose are generally tall enough to cause damage to the windshield and hood of the car, not to mention the moose instinct to let loose with moose crap when struck), but a moose with broken legs is a pitiable sight.