Harrison, Hayes, and Cleveland all feature in a 4-panel comic that The Count did back when I was having computer trouble. It is one my favorite episodes.
I’ve been talking about bringing the middlin’ Presidents back for awhile. The confluence of the type of story I wanted to tell with this arc, as well as some exposition I wanted to reveal, made bringing them back a good fit.
Since I was already self-indulging by bringing back Harrison, Hayes, and Cleveland, I figured I’d throw another one my favorites in this episode.
In the 1950s, Froot Piez were called Froot Pies. I think Frederick must have gotten the Piez for Nietzsche from the 1980s, which was the flaky golden age of snack cake themed advertising comics.
Seanbaby has the definitive page for discussing snack cakes in comics. This still can make me cry laughing. It just did.