Great news on the Castro Valley High Art Department Fundraiser front – 6th Circle and Jack and Voytek artist Xander Kent heard about our drive, and has volunteered his services for the cause! His art is PHENOMENAL, and he is a fine and upstanding human being besides. So, if you’d rather have an original Kent sketch, just say so when you make your donation and we’ll get it set up!
$10 Gets you a Sketch from either me or Xander Kent!
$20 Gets you a Sketch and a copy of Light Opera and Heavy Consequences
$50 Gets you an appearance in an upcoming Frederick story arc as a genuine character!

In other news, I’ve been reading Jennifer Smith’s LaSalle’s Legacy as of late, and adore it. I’m about halfway through the archives, and in that brief space it has stirred my love of foppish yet kick ass sea captains, undead worker legislation, mystical technology, feats of engineering that make cannons Way Awesome, periwigs, and revenge on the high seas. It’s densely sewn with interesting things – the universe is deeply thought, but not oppressively presented. Little notes and hints here and there without the Here Are The Six Pages of Text You Need To Memorize To Understand Anything that you sometimes run into.
As to our own comic, I THINK I know what Geoff has coming up next episode, and if it is what I think it is, oh exciting times are coming.
– Count Dolby von Luckner