First of all, Family Man is finally back from its hiatus! Hurrah! It’s a tale of 18th century German academic life – with werewolves – and it is fantastic.
I have some APE sketches to share here, but first the rest of the roundup of Rad Things:
* My favorite comics are ones that show me the intricacies of parts of life that I, as a relatively hermitish high school teacher and webcomic creator, don’t get to experience generally. Two of the comics at the show really did this for me – Astrid Johannsen’s Absolutely True Tales of Lesbian Drama and Kent and McBrayer’s 6th Circle. Johannsen’s voice is delightfully wry and light, which allows the characters to play with, expand, and enjoy their identities without being utterly consumed by them.
6th Circle is about the world of tattoo / body art parlors, and is at its best when it uses its very slick and sharp visual sense to tell us stories about that world. Looking through the main story arc episodes felt a little like when I saw Clerks for the first time back in high school – like somebody expressing perfectly a microcosm to the point that you feel a kinship to it in spite of how removed it is from your own existence.
* Burger Force! This is a comic done in an interesting way by Australia’s own Jackie Ryan. She actually directs the comic with live actors and then creates the panels from pictures of their performance, meaning that you get this insane fineness of expression which, coupled with the plot that has a whiff of the radness of Morning Glories to it (though I am sure that she predates MG), and you’ve got yourself an experience.
* Two quick things: XmasOnTV is a story about a world of perpetual Christmas lorded over by roving sentient television faced santa creatures. I picked up their preview booklet and the idea is tremendous, and the art is way cool, so I’ll probably be adding this to my roster of things to check out regularly. Then, just starting up is Commando Bear , which is a story about the WWII adventures of Jack Churchill and Voytek, a bear that the Polish army trained to carry artillery shells to the soldiers on the front lines. So, lots of potential there too for all of us history webcomic loving types!
And now, some sketches from the weekend:
A Sparkled Up Joan of Arc Fist Bumping Sailor Moon:

Poe, Being all Mac against a Car:

Nikola Tesla and Joan of Arc Enjoying a Quiet Picnic:

Wizard Duel: Rasputin v Merlin

Karl Marx as a Punk Rocker:

So Much More To Come!
– Count Dolby von Luckner