Before I get to anything else I wanted to post a lovely piece of art by Sonja Larson that she was good enough to send over to us last week, and which has been sitting as my desktop image as long. I think it is entirely way rad, almost intimidatingly so, and that you all will enjoy it too!

It will also be up on the Fan Art Page in perpetuity, so come visit it from time to time!
In other comic news not dealing with totally awesome fan art – did you just SEE that? Poor Karl – his time of employment somewhere in between Maul and Dooku, pushed aside so that a more powerful apprentice might take his place. In real life, Euler switched from Frederick, who never liked him over much, to Catherine the Great as his main patron, and was well served by the move, so who is to say what he will decide?
– Count Dolby von Luckner