While up in Washington for my grandfather’s funeral, I was tasked with entertaining relatives, and so, going into default mode, searched out the local board game store, and it turned out that it was way rad. If you are in the Marysville area, a trip to Wandering Havoc Games is an experience. I came in looking for a copy of Pandemic, because I wanted the family to bond rather than seethe in mutual distrust (as the other von Luckner standard go-tos tend to do). They had sold out, but immediately I was taken in hand by two or three different shop employees and minions and taken through the intricacies of a good dozen other games that might suit the night’s needs. They were so incredibly and infectiously enthusiastic about the products and the culture of social tabletop gaming in general that it was easily my best board game shop experience to date. I left with copies of Nuns on the Run and Bang!, and one good memory glimmering from the funereal gloom of those days.
– Count Dolby von Luckner