Nifty announcement: May 2011 was, by every statistic, our best month ever! That’s because of you! You’re neat! Thank you thank you!
On to the comic itself – Frederick’s processing of tragedy is something that it’s hard to make a set rule for. In the midst of victory or the need for renewed action, loss often just rolled off his back only to hit him twice as hard later. That’s pretty much the only way he was able to keep on going during the often ceaseless bad news of the Seven Years’ War.
Gertrude Stein. Gerrrrrrrtrude Stein…. Newton and Frederick are being a little cavalier here in calling her the Reigning Queen of the Unimportantly Important. Rather, I think it’s more fair to say that the gulf between how she evaluated her importance and what that importance genuinely was is unusually and adorably sizable. We’ll have a better opportunity to talk about it later, though, oh yes we shall!
– Count Dolby von Luckner