It’s not necessary for a great French author to be a writer of erotica, but there are a NUMBER of them. Not just Guillaume Apollinaire, whose life was an act of erotic fiction in and of itself, but also the poet Alfred de Musset, Denis Diderot (you can say that the seduction scene in The Nun is there to serve the drama, I suppose), Anais Nin, George Bataille, Jean Genet, and Violette Leduc, among others. Drawing up a list of, say, German literary figures who also dabbled in erotica is a bit harder, and that’s probably for the best, as I don’t think any of us need to read what Franz Grillparzer found really hot.
On another note, more sketches!
William H. Taft as a kangaroo with Calvin Coolidge in his Pouch:

Captain Haddock Playing Tom Waits in the Iocane Contest of Wits:

Diego Forlan fighting a giant ice cream cone:

Chuck Yeager Kicking a Bird in the Junk after Breaking the Sound Barrier:

A swordfight between, like, everybody:

– Count Dolby von Luckner