There is so much to say today that, rather than weaving it into a seamless narrative, I’m forced to resort to unconnected headlinery:
SKETCHES FOR JAPAN: Thank you to everyone who donated last week during our Red Cross donation drive. I am working steadily on getting your sketches done, and hope to have them all mailed out by the end of the week. In the end, I decided not to subtract postage from your donation amounts, so the full $9 went straight to Red Cross, and we raised a fine and upstanding $120. Thank you to Messrs Bittner, Chan, Ciskowski, Kellogg, Lai, Leopold, Lim, and Starkis, for your donations, and to the people at Prophecy Failed, Minor Acts of Heroism, and Knights of Nine to Five, and Tuesday With Everything In It for getting the word out!
Also, if you are one of the two people still waiting for your ECCC sketch, don’t worry, you are not forgotten!
THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: For those who don’t remember why there are ray-guns lying about the Great Wall, this might clear things up.
JUNG BOOK: I was at the library bookstore the other day and saw a copy of Jung and Tarot. Seriously, it’s a real book, with words. Now, you’re not necessarily responsible for the ridiculous uses people put your work to, but you don’t see many copies of, say, Nietzsche and Table Rapping, on the shelves.
– Count Dolby von Luckner