Yeah, the Doctor Who poster needed to happen. At ECCC I got so many requests for drawings of various doctors that I decided it was high time I start watching the show, and it is now 15% of my blood volume, I think. But I digress…
Aching to donate, but don’t know what sort of sketch to request? Well, here are some of the things peeps requested at ECCC by way of inspiration!
Nikola Tesla on a Velociraptor!

Virginia Woolf Roundhouse Kicking Roy Campbell!

Rosalind Franklin, the DNA Spider!

Chester Arthur, Pole Vault Champion!

Gandhi takes on the Vikings!

Elizabeth I punching out Sir Walter Raleigh!

Wil Wheaton vs. Theodore Roosevelt!

There you are! Now let’s get some supplies to people who desperately need them!
– Count Dolby von Luckner