I’ll let Geoff tell the epic story of Plan A. These are busy times, both for those fighting gigantic ballet monsters and those drawing them.
In one week, we’ll be in the air heading for the ECCC and with any luck big ole boxes of the new book will be waiting for us there.
Then, in less than a month I will be orchestrating another grand miniatures drama in the Star Wars universe, which I’ve gone on record before as saying is the greatest mixture of storytelling, army combat, heroic combat, and universe diversity and depth of anything I’ve ever played. This one is taking place on multiple boards with the happenings of one board affecting variables on the other, so these days more time than I’m willing to admit have been spent pondering pacing and balance issues. Here is a fine shot of our New Year’s Hoth Game in which both a pondering Geoff and overlording Count may be spotted amongst the former Count students and college chums:

– Count Dolby von Luckner