Euler is right, we have managed to pick the one arc in which he and Emily don’t show up at all as far as I know. Yes, rather than starting from the very beginning for our first published collection, we are starting with the Gilbert and Sullivan story arc! Richard Wagner, necromancer hunting robots, elder squid gods, James Clerk Maxwell, Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, the BPO, Oscar Wilde, and a nearly endless stream of patter songs!
Our hope is to have it published and in our hands in time for the Emerald City Comic Con the first weekend of March, which means that I am going to be spending this week producing art and finding some never seen archival tidbits to give the readers a little something extra for their hard earned dollars, while Geoff is grinding away at the hard business of laying out the book page by page. We should be all ready by Sunday, though, so your regular Frederick will resume in a week, and on Thursday I’ll be assaulting you with another of these fine, fine stand-ins, so hoorah! And OF COURSE there’s always that fine, fine world religion and mythology comic, The Vocate, to while away time with.
– Count Dolby von Luckner