This past weekend at APE, I learned that the Count loves it when my instructions for a crowded panel includes the phrase “various others are present.”
From my viewpoint, the process of creating the comic involves me writing a script and then invoking a magical procedure called “the Count” that converts words to pictures. (It is even more wondrous when the Count is scripting because then the pictures show up without me doing anything at all.)
So, it was interesting to take a peek behind the curtain and watch the hands of the man at work. This past weekend the Count ABD. A-Always, B-Be, D-Drawing. His pen labored mightily, but not once did he complain. And, in the middle of finishing up requested sketches, he found time to draw some 13th century Mongols attacking the 17th century Great Wall with rayguns.
We were in a pretty good neighborhood at APE, situated between Trevor (from Knights of Nine to Five) and Kate Saturday.
Trevor brought along an original box of Monkey Island 2 to be signed by Tim Schafer (it had the copy-protection wheel and everything). Kate Saturday wore a hat that rivaled the Count’s in awesomeness. They are both fine people and are deserving of your patronage.