Wow, this arc did start back in China, really back on the Indian frontier, over 1 year and 100 episodes ago… A brief review of where we’ve been then for those who have hopped on since (if you’re reading through the back episodes for the first time, this will contain some spoilers).
Back in episode 246, Alexander was trying to decide whether or not to continue his invasion of India against the wishes of his army. Historically, he turned back, but here, prodded by a factotum sent back in time by Ethan Allen, he continues the invasion. Frederick and team showed up to stop him, and instead ended up invading the entire world, and setting up the Power of Time for near execution at the hands of a fifth dimensional being governing Probability and Possibility. But he went away, and Frederick ended up talking Alexander into giving back all of his conquests but one impossibly small, utterly insignificant area of gloom and suffering – Rus. He infused it with Greek culture, and it became a peaceful utopia which it fell to Frederick and company to undo. Disagreements about the justice of destroying mankind’s first working utopia lead to a civil war amongst the team, which was made all better with a shiny shiny accessory. And now you know!
– Count Dolby von Luckner