Level Clear! Bonus Reunion! Get Equipped with NEW MEDAL!
At which point one traditionally moves to the Stage Select portion of the game, for which I’m handing the controller over to Geoff while I go get a Coke from the fridge and some oatmeal creme cookie sandwich things. It’s been a fine pleasure writing up the scripts for the past few months, but for me it’s even more fun when I don’t QUITE know what’s going to happen, drawing them up as fast as I can just to make Geoff give me the next script so I can see where the next turn leads, so I’m pretty happy right now.
But if you are still dying for some fresh Count scripts, why, hop on over to The Vocate and drink your fill! Currently, the team of mythological scholars, goddesses, and Adams, are entering the wilds of India, and stuff is set to Go Down!
– Count Dolby von Luckner