These last two episodes have had a special place in my heart as the very first comics that I bought as a strapping young lad were Amazing Spider Man #349 and #350, featuring the Gray Fox with a totally awesome guest appearance by Doctor Doom. I remember I picked up the first at the supermarket and the second at a COMIC STORE – I didn’t know these things existed until my dad found one and took me to it as a surprise when we were on our way to some computer fixing job, and we went in and it was COMICS, for THE ENTIRE STORE… and that day led pretty much straight to this one.
Next issue will be my last script for a while… I’ve been hogging the scripting baton since, what, July, and so beginning with episode 352 Geoff charges to the fore with a story arc that, from the little bits he’s let slip to me, is going to turn All The Dials up to eleven. Keep checking in, faithful fops of every shade!
– Count Dolby von Luckner