It is a sweet feeling, moving back into the top chatter box. Sure, there’s the period of adjustment – cleaning up all the empty Bud Light bottles and 19th century British opera libretti Geoff left lying around up here when he left, but after that it’s just the ineffable bliss of Total Power.
Well, it’s May 1, so a happy Day of the International Solidarity of Workers to all of you. Why, I myself saw a worker on the way to getting my cravate fluffed today, and even spoke a few words to him in his own charming vernacular, keeping to topics he would be sure to understand… the distilling of moonshine… The Damnable Poll Tax… the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn…
Seriously, though. Workers rock.
And who IS that man so mysteriously draped in shadow? Who indeed?
– Count Dolby von Luckner