Here is E.T. Bell’s summary of the awesome machines Archimedes invented for the defense of Syracuse:
Hieron begged Archimedes to prepare a suitable welcome for Marcellus [the invading Roman general]. Once more deisisting from his researches to oblige his friend, Archimedes constituted himself a reception committee of one to trip the precipitate Romans. When they arrived his ingenious deviltries stood grimly waiting to greet them.
The harp-shaped Roman turtle affair on the eight quinqueremes lasted no longer than the fame of the conceited Marcellus. A succession of stone shots, each weighing over a quarter of a ton, hurled from the super-catapults of Archimedes, demolished the unwieldy contraption. Crane-like beaks and iron claws reached over the walls for the approaching ships, seized them, spun them round, and sank or shattered them against the jutting cliffs. The land forces, mowed down by Archimedean artillery, fared no better. Camouflaging his rout in the official bulletins as a withdrawal to a previously prepared position in the rear, Marcellus backed off.

Damn straight.
– Count Dolby von Luckner