If we had TV promos for FtG, this episode’s would be something like, “In this episode, everything BLOWS UP!” And there would be lots of quick cuts of Tophat and the graveyard and the Libido Gate and then Frederick would yell, “FINISH IT!” And then The Others would come out of the jungle and Tophat would eat them as well. Then everything would blow up.
In a non-comic related note, if anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area is interested in seeing a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘The Grand Duke’, I happen to know of two such performances this weekend. They are at 7:30pm Friday and Saturday night at the Dinkelspiel Auditorium on the Stanford University campus.
My costumes for the show run something like: lederhosen, Miles Standish, Miles Standish in a chambermaid outfit, and (the ever popular) harlequin vampire fop.
I’ve probably just sold The Count on the show, but he was coming anyways.